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1 まずはこちらのコンタクトフォームから簡単にご相談内容をお聞かせください。その際に、スケジュールやご予算についてもお決まりでしたら合わせてお知らせください。
2 1~2日以内にメールでお返事します。疑問点があればこちらからもいくつか質問をさせていただきます。
3 その後お話が合うようであれば、電話または直接お会いしてご挨拶をいたします。そして詳細をヒアリングし、再度のお見積もりとだいたいのスケジュールをお知らせしてから業務をスタートさせます。(打ち合わせの場所が東京都内より遠方の場合は、交通費のご負担をお願いしています)
4 途中でスケッチを何度もお見せしながらすすめていきます。(これまでに納期に遅れたことは一度もありませんのでご安心してお待ちください)
For inquiries regarding design, consultation, etc., please use this contact form.
Please note that we are not hiring interns at present.
Your understanding is appreciated.

What I do:
• Present ideas for products, give advice on projects
• Design graphical shapes and patterns
• Offer a new take on traditional crafts, collaborate with product designers
• Naming, design logos and emblems
• Propose and design structural packaging
• Design stationery, shopping bags, leaflets, catalogs
• Direct or give advice on advertising photography, websites or exhibitions
• Assist with art direction or branding on projects and other various tasks upon clients’ request. Please feel free to contact me.

How I work:
• First, please fill out the form on this page and let me know what kind of service you need. If your schedule/budget is set, please include that as well.
• I will get back to you within 1-2 days by email. I may need to ask you a few questions about the work.
• If we agree on basic conditions, I will call or, if possible, set up a meeting to discuss details. (If the meeting requires me to travel a long distance from Tokyo, I may ask you to cover my travel expenses.) I will then give you an estimate and a rough schedule before I start working on the assignment.
• I will show you my sketches repeatedly as I proceed. I have never missed a deadline, so please rest assured and wait for the work to be delivered on time.